I am a 28 year old bullfighter who has fought at every level of rodeo ranging from Junior rodeo to pro rodeo. Since my junior high days, I have had a passion for fighting bulls and protecting cowboys. As I began to grow so did my passion and skills. Being a former National High School Rodeo Association President, I understand every component necessary to make a rodeo successful. Upon entering college and competing at the collegiate level, I was also afforded the opportunity to use my skills as a bullfighter for the same rodeos. These experiences opened many doors and various professional opportunities as a bullfighter.

Having performed for the past eight years throughout the country, I have been privileged enough to have worked beside some of the best bullfighters in the business. Being a past bullrider myself, I understand the importance of a professional who knows where to be and when during the ride. Being able read a bull’s actions and know his moves are crucial in protecting and saving the life of the rider.